Toulouse Esport Concept

The first room entirely dedicated to esport will soon be set up in Toulouse! !

A place entirely dedicated to gaming in all its forms : PCs, consoles and Virtual Reality (VR). Whether you are a casual or a hardcore player, with friends or family, solo or in a team, come and play in a pleasant setting and a warm atmosphere for even more intense games!
Improve your performance and win your games with our activities.
Visit our hall.

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2018!

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The Hall

Flèche à droite Flèche à gauche Flèche en haut

A large room of 12 PCs in the configurations ultra performantes to play together and see others play through the large window.

Two isolated rooms of 6 PCs in configurations ultra performantes to play as a team, develop your strategies and win.

An area dedicated to consoles with sofas and large screens to have fun with friends or family on our various jeux.

Two spaces of 15m² each dedicated to the virtual reality to immerse yourself in the most immersive games.

A large central area to relax between games, eat and chat over a drink at the bar-snack.

Discover this gaming space (click on the different spaces to see the details):) :

The Activities

We invite you to come and play on our machines, PCs or consoles, alone, with friends or family, or in teams.
Many games, from esport classics to small independent games, are at your disposal. Besides the use of PCs, consoles and VR headsets, we offer many activities:

And of course a bar-snack to have a bite to eat and a drink between two games while discussing esport.
We want you to feel at home at TEC, to meet other players, chat, play with them and build your teams, define your strategies and win!

Price list

To come...

The team

To come...

The Equipment

We provide you with high-performance gamer equipment and a fiber connection so that you can fully express your talent.

The consoles

PS4 Pro
Xbox One X
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Wii U

The PCs

I7 -7700K
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8G
RAM DDR4 16 Go GSkill
BenQ Zowie XL2411 144Hz monitor
Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Keyboard
Razer Lancehead Mouse
Razer Kraken Chroma V2 Headset
MSI Pro Carbon
AKRacing Chair

VR headsets
(Virtual Reality)

HTC Vive
Occulus Rift

And their PC:
I7 -7700K
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8G
RAM DDR4 16 Go GSkill
MSI Pro Carbon

The Games

We offer many games, whether multiplayer or single player, on PC or Console and even in VR, from esport classics to games from independent developers.
VHere are some examples:

LoL Dota2 HeroesOfTheStorm
Overwatch CS:GO COD
PUBG Hearthstone Fortnite
FIFA18 SuperSmashBros RocketLeague
AssassinsCreedOrigins RoboRecall KTNE

The Bistro

We offer small snacks between two games: hot dishes such as hot dogs, croque monsieur, French fries, quiches as well as tapas of cold cuts and cheese composed mainly of local and quality products. All accompanied by a local beer or a glass of wine.

The Menu

To come...